About Our Research

The NCAT-Cornell partnership for research and education (PREM)

Our team is using one of the most significant issues of our era, the renewable energy challenge, as a gateway to attract the underrepresented minority (URM) population to materials research.

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Our Mission

The PREM-CREEM activities will lead to the development of an integrated materials-based research and education program, research opportunities for K-16 students and teachers, recruitment of an underserved population of undergraduate students, and a more diversified, skilled workforce and informed public in materials research and technology. Dissemination of research and education findings involves traditional journals and conferences and a robust social media presence.

The NCAT-Cornell PREM partnership aims to increase URM materials research at both institutions through reciprocal exchanges of faculty members, students, and postdoctoral fellows. The partnership, named CREEM, focuses on thin film-based methods for synthesizing an emerging class of transition metal oxynitride materials. The goal is to use novel renewable energy-relevant material research and an integrated education program to increase recruitment, retention, and degree attainment of URM students. The program developed for PREM students is also available for other students at NCAT and Cornell.

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